The 10 weirdest things that have happened in TED Talks

TED Blog

Many unusual things have happened on the TED stage over the years. Our incredible speakers have done everything from perform magic tricks to attempt to set themselves on fire, all in the name of spreading their ideas. Although far from a complete list, here are some of the weirdest TED moments that we still haven’t stopped puzzling over. To many more in 2015.


1. Hans Rosling: data genius and… sword swallower? He’s given 10 TED talks about global progress, so we thought we had seen everything Hans Rosling was capable of. But at TED 2007, we learned that Rosling had a few tricks left up his sleeve. In this talk, he presented new data about developing nations with his usual enthusiasm and awesome graphics … but then things took a turn. At the 17-minute mark, Rosling unbuttoned his shirt to reveal a sequined tank top. He said to an off-stage…

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